We bring you the best from the rich traditionsl of Kerala culture.


One of the primary objective of Neelambari is to bring the rich traditions of Kerala culture in an unabridged manner to interested visitors to the state. We have several activities tailored to meet this objective.


Koothambalam, the traditional performance arena in Neelambari is a work of art by itself. It also hosts regular classical and folk arts performances. Kathakali and Koodiyattam, the classical theatres of Kerala are favourites though other art forms are also presented regularly. We also arrange bespoke performances to meet specific requests from our guests.


Neelambari causes a series of artworks done in the traditional mural style of Kerala. Gajendra moksham planning and area of more than 10 square metres in the court Ambala is a favourite attraction for art lovers. A series of works based on beautiful Sanskrit poems like Gita Govindam and shakuntalam I also attract visitors. We offer workshops that takes guests to the history tradition and nuances of Kerala mirror style. The workshop also offers an opportunity for handsome involvement with traditional miralles.

Close to Art

Kerala arts, our flagship cultural program is an unstinting cultural fete crafted by connoisseurs to provide a close and sumptuous encounter with classical art forms of Kerala to interested visitors to our state. The program is arranged in cooperation with Kerala Tourism and is a major draw for art loving visitors to the state. The full day program involves three authentic cultural performances interspersed with lecture demonstrations, artist interactions and storytelling. Traditional Kerala cuisine, guided river trips and outdoor interactions by the splendid riverside add to the attraction of this event. The events are held on the second Saturday of every month and prior registration is mandatory.

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Guided Performances

Neelambari School Thandalam hosts regular cultural performances. Thrissur being the cultural capital of Kerala and home to several cultural Institutions and temples offers maths larger selection of cultural performances throughout the year. Being enthusiasts of our rich tradition we would be locked to restrict our guests to performances in our premises. Whenever equality cultural performance is available in our vicinity and open the race we take our guests on a guided tour to such performances. We offer an audio visual primer on the art form as well as the specific act being performed before we leave Neelambari. This helps the visitor to appreciate the performance in an informed manner and understand its rich and deep significance.

Neelambari Festival of Arts

Art buffs that we are, we organize a grand cultural festival every year stringing several highly rated classical arts performances. The week long festival would cover three days of dawn to dusk performances, lecture demonstrations, audio visual narratives and artiste interactions. Intervening days would have local sightseeings, historical tours as well as evening performances. Prior registration is necessary to attend the event in full or part.

Yoga / Rejuvenation

At Neelambari, we want reach of our guests to go back feeling better in their body and mind. Our rejuvenation programs judiciously mix yoga, Ayurveda, diet and nature to bring about positive transformations in your body and mind. We offer several rejuvenation packages starting from weekend programs to month long ones.

Yoga and Pranayama

Neelambari has indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated for yoga, Pranayama and meditation. Sessions are conducted on demand by adept and committed instructors. Sessions are tailored to meet the expectations and needs of our guests taking into account their proficiency levels. We also regularly conduct yoga and Pranayama workshops which are attended by our guest as well as outsiders.

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Ayurveda / Wellness treatment

Neelambari has tied up with Amba Ayurveda Hospital, an institution of long standing credibility in Ayurveda, to offer authentic and tailored Ayurvedic treatments in a conducive setting and reasonable prices. We have special emphasis on Wellness treatments involving Panchakarma and Abhyanga. The Ayurvedic treatments and guided by highly qualified practitioners who blend traditional medicines and knowledge with modern sensibilities. Packages ranging from a single session to multiple weeks are available at Neelambari. All multi-day packages follow a holistic approach incorporating other rejuvenation aspects like Yoga, diet and wellness sessions. Where the physicians permit, we provide for additional attractions like sightseeing, cultural activities or outdoor activities like kayaking to be enjoyed concurrently with the Ayurvedic treatment.

Reading and research

Introducing and familiarizing the classical and traditional art forms of Kerala with authenticity to interested visitors is one of the stated objectives of Neelambari. We also encourage active and passive research and inquiry into the history, context, evolution and innovations of traditional performing arts. A well stocked physical, digital and multimedia library, host of academies and Institutions near by and availability of eminent artists committed to the furtherment of classical art forms of Kerala all make Neelambari an ideal location from which to base your research activities and inquiries.


Neelambari has a slew of brilliant natural attractions easily accessible from its premises. Several options exist for the nature enthusiast including trekking, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, swimming or just laying back and feel one with the nature.


Less than an hours drive from Neelambari is the magnificent Athirapally waterfalls. A brilliant spectacle all by itself Athirapally is part of a string of natural attractions towards the source of Chalakudy river. As one drives on the forest trail first comes Thumboormuzhi nature and butterfly Park. Next comes Athirapally waterfalls. A short drive through beautiful Jungle roads will take you to Vazhachal rapids. Beyond Vazhachal is forest proper and you need approval from the forest department to enter the protected area. As you drive through the jungle, brilliant spectacles abound on both sides including two hydroelectric reservoirs and several opportunities for wildlife viewing. Even if you start early in the morning it would be a packed day to cover all the attractions on this trail. A better option would be to camp for the night and take it in all slowly. We provide guided tour of the attractions that will take you through some of the less used trails and offer very safe access to the river at designated spots. If your schedule permits it, we can avoid weekends when these popular attractions would be very crowded.

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About 45 minutes drive from Neelambari to the east is the Peechi reservoir and Kerala Forest Research Institute. The location is very scenic and makes for an ideal day outing. For nature enthusiasts the Forest Research Institute offers and interesting destination with a variety of flora.


Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is about half an hour from Neelambari. A beautiful rainforest destination Chimani is relatively less crowded owing to the more popular Athirapally further south. Guided forest tricks arranged by Forest Department of Kerala is available. The forest is rich with avian species as well as butterflies. Chimmony to Peechi is an excellent cycling trail passing through verdant forests for most of the way. Neelambari offers Peechi and Chimney and independent destinations and also arranges cycling between the two.


Neelambari has three excellent beaches in its neighbourhood viz. Snehatheeram, Valappad and Nattika, all of them half an hour drive from the resort. Snehatheeram is an excellent sea-side destination adjudged the best beach tourism destination of Kerala. Valappad too is an excellent beach that offers various activities on its golden sands.

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Karuvannurppuzha meanders it's way through Arattupuzha as it heads west to the Arabian Sea nearly 30 kilometres away. The river is formed by Manali and Kurmali rivers fed respectively by Peechi and Chimmony reservoirs. Both banks of the river offer great tropical landscape attractions and is an ideal waterway for canoeing or kayaking. At Chettuva where the river joins the Arabian Sea there are beautiful mangroves. Houseboat Cruise facilities are also available in Chettuva. Neelambari offers guided kayaking and canoeing experiences in the river. We can also arrange houseboat cruises in conjunction with our partners.

Outdoor Adventure

Nature is dear to us and she has also been very kind to us. As such we never tire in her company. We offer several activities that take you into the lap of beautiful nature around us.


There are several extremely attractive trekking routes around Neelambari ranging from easy to intermediate difficulty levels. Most of the trekking routes are towards the east in the foothills and forests of Western Ghats. We offer guided treks on our own and with our adventure tourism partners.

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Karuvannur river is an excellent channel for kayaking and canoeing activities. The river itself meanders through very beautiful landscape as it heads west to the Arabian Sea. A lot of irrigation canals that branch out from the river also offer excellent avenues for exploration in a kayak. We offer guided trips that can last from an hour to a whole day even more. You are also free to hire a kayak from us and head out on your own.


We are cycling enthusiasts at Neelambari and there are several brilliant cycling trails all around us. Towards the east there are several forest trails with varying levels of difficulty that can be explored on pedals. To the west there are several beach roads that provide for magnificent seaside cycling. The dirt roads that traverse in the middle of endless paddy fields in Thrissur is a favourite with us especially when the sun is down. We will be happy to accompany you on any of these trails for the joy of guiding and for the joy of cycling.

Guided Adventures

Neelambari offers excellent opportunities for trekking, cycling and kayaking. Being nature enthusiasts It was natural (sic) for us to stitch all these activities and come up with some great guided adventure programs. We have partnered with Miyar Adventures (an outdoor adventure specialist company based in the US) to come up with a ten day outdoor Adventure tour of Kerala involving trekking, cycling, kayaking and boating. The route traverses more than 300 km in a span of ten days and covers some of the most spectacular landscape from Central to South Kerala. We also offer shortened versions of the program that can spend two to seven days.

History / Temples

Within a radius of 30 km from Neelambari there are at least six magnificent temples which boast a history of more than ten centuries. The lores and tradition they have to narrate are fascinating. Being outside the bustle of regular tourism circuit in Kerala means that these marvelous monuments are relatively less explored. We offer a guided history and temple tour that will take you to the premises of these temples as well as to some of the palaces, museums and historical destinations in and around Thrissur. This guided tour is an unforgettable experience that will take you to the heart of the rich legacy and history of Kerala right from the Roman times when Roman and Jewish merchants set sail to this part of Kerala for trading in spices. Centuries later, when Europeans of middle ages looked for a direct sea route to India, it was again to this region of Kerala their vessels pointed.

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Thrissur is the land of Temple festivals and there are a number of magnificent annual temple festivals that occur across the breadth of central Kerala. These festivals owe much to the Peruvanam Gramam, from how the elephants are beautifully caparisoned to the way the Spectacular percussion orchestras play out in each of them. Being from Peruvanam Gramam we would be happy to offer you guided tours for each of these festivals were we will give you details and in depth information on their history, background and brief you on their ritual, social and cultural significance. Each festival tour is preceded by an audio visual narrative that explains their highlights to our guests so that they are in a better position to appreciate their richness.

Village Experiences

Arattupuzha is the quintessential Central Kerala village with all its associated exam. We offer a variety of village experiences like interaction with villagers, cooking and sharing a meal with them. Morning and evening village walks by the river, across the fields and along the small meandering bylanes are unforgettable joys for every visitor to Kerala. You can also indulge in fishing, pottery making or interaction with artisans as part of your village experience.

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