Rejuvenation Package
Ayurveda complemented with Yoga

Rejuvenation Package

In its quest to offer authentic Ayurveda treatment to its guests, Neelambari has tied up with Amba Ayurveda Hospital. Amba has been offering Ayurvedic treatment for several generations now and is a reputed institution with own facility to prepare medicines. Neelambari also offers an undiluted Yoga experience. We have an indoor and outdoor spa, of which the former is wheelchair friendly. A spacious and airy hall dedicated for Yoga as well as serene riverside spaces for Yoga (when the weather is favorable) provide the ideal setting for this pursuit. Ayurvedic expertise of Amba and authentic Yoga practice combined with the conducive setting and diligent hospitality combine to give an unparalleled experience for guests seeking rejuvenation of body and mind.

Ayurvedic Procedures at Neelambari:

Abhyangam Abhyangam (massage) is the most common and accessible Ayurveda procedure. It is used as a treatment by itself or as a preparatory procedure for another major procedure like Sekam. An appropriately prepared medicated oil is the most commonly used medicine for Abhyangam. Unlike other treatments, Abhyangam usually does not have contraindications and can be beneficial to most patients at most times.
Dhara / Sekam / Pizhichil Pouring of medicated liquid (oil, milk, butter milk etc) at like warm to bearably hot temperature locally or over a larger area of the body. When applied to head it is called Shirodhara. Dhara is typically used as an intensive therapy for rejuvenation of a ailing area. Shirodhara is used as an effective treatment for several maladies. Dhara is an intensive treatment and should be strictly accompanied with proper rest and diet.
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Nasyam Nasyam is a relatively simple but effective treatment for may ailments. Medicated oil is poured through the nostrils. While administration of the treatment is relatively simple and quick, it calls for diligence before and after the procedure to ensure safe and effective outcome.
Kizhi / Pinda Sveda Vidhi Kizhi is a procedure of applying local heat to ailing area of the body. It is usually performed by application of medicine in a cotton pouch to the affected area. Both dry and wet kizhis can be applied depending on the constitution of the patient. It can bring multiple benefits like relief from pain, discomfort and rejuvenating a weakened area of the body.
Panchakarma Panchakarma is a combination of five methods for extensive detoxification of one’s body. Despite its apparent ubiquity, Panchakarma is an intensive treatment that requires significant expertise. The full course of Panchakarma treatment would run into five months or more and at least fourteen days are needed to complete even one of the five detox procedures. Strict adherence to Pathya (diet) and Niyama (routine) is needed for any Panchakarma treatment.


Single day or weekend (2 days) package A single day or two days package can be provided mainly for relaxation of the mind and the body and would not suffice for any major treatment. Abhyanga (massage) combined with steam bath or some minor procedure for overall well being would be idea.
Single day or weekend (2 days) package A week or longer (as recommended by the doctor) would be needed for effective rejuvenation and treatments. Post treatment at Neelambari, follow through medications and lifestyle compliance has to be adhered to for best results.


  • Packages and procedures indicated above are general packages applied in rejuvenation therapy. Not all procedures are suitable for everyone. After initial examination and assessment of your nature (vata, pitta, kapha, medical history, allergies etc), the doctor would prescribe a treatment plan ideally suited for you personally.
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  • In addition to the procedures above Neelambari and Amba are competent to offer specialized treatment for any ailments. Special purpose treatments for weight loss, constitutional improvement etc can also be offered through a combination of Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Neelambari provides authentic central Kerala vegetarian cuisine during all Ayurvedic treatment. Any dietary restrictions suggested by the doctor in the course of the rejuvenation treatment has to be strictly adhered to.
  • Ayurvedic procedures are usually carried out in the morning and evening. We can arrange leisure activities like boating, sightseeing, cultural programs, day tours etc to complement your rejuvenation stay at Neelambari. Such leisure activities would be in accordance with the doctors advice.
  • While Yoga practice usually complements rejuvenation therapy using Ayurveda, the same would need to be approved by the doctor to obviate contraindications