Neelambari Ecotourism

About Neelambari

Neelambari is a charming boutique resort in the heart of Kerala, Thrissur. Since its inception Neelambari has catered well to discerning travellers looking for a relaxed and serene holiday to the explorers seeking authentic experiences - be it culture, nature, cuisine, festivals and Ayurveda.

We envisaged Neelambari as a showcase for the best central Kerala has to offer - especially Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Away from the mad rush of ‘touristic’ destinations, shunning synthetic ‘experiences’ meant only for tourists - we wanted to create an ecotourism destination where our guests would feel like they are visiting friends.

Neelambari today is the realisation of this vision, but not by any means the end of our journey. We are constantly discovering new facets in our own culture and traditions, new delights to be explored in our own backyards, and new ways to improve on our experiences. We are fresh on the trail, but it is already apparent to us that we have started a joyful journey without end.

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Our Experiences

Neelambari is not a haven of exclusivity. We thrive in our village ecosystem and wholeheartedly share the joys and throbs of local life. The entire Neelambari team is from our village and proudly shares its fortunes and traditions. We have curated and in some cases distilled beautiful experiences from our village and neighbouring villages and towns. These experiences combine to offer a joyous yet realistic flavour of the local life, culture, traditions and festivals to our guests. Be it nature, culture, Yoga or Ayurveda we ensure that we do not adulterate or mystify anything because they are being offered to “tourists”.

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