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Neelambari Ecotourism


With its rich traditions, eminent scholars and practitioners Thrissur is considered a preferred spot for rejuvenation through Ayurveda. Within Thrissur Neelambari is an ideal choice if you are looking for rejuvenation through an authentic blend of Ayurveda and Yoga. The following factors set Neelambari apart from other distinguished Ayurveda facilities in Kerala:

- With just eight rooms, we offer a highly private setting and relaxed atmosphere for your rejuvenation stay. Seeking perfect harmony between body and mind is the primary pursuit of traditional rejuvenation and Neelambari offers the perfect setting for this

- We are highly rated for the vegetarian food we we serve. We prepare simple, authentic and delicious fare as they are traditionally cooked and served in central Kerala homesteads. Eating heartily and healthily is the bedrock of any rejuvenation based on Yoga Ayurveda and Neelambari is the perfect place to do this.

- We offer a range of experiences that will complement your daily routine of Yoga and Ayurveda sessions. A carefully curated blend of rural, natural and cultural experiences would ensure that you are delightfully engaged during your stay with us. These enriching experiences would positively influence your rejuvenation. Ashtangam, our signature rejuvenation package is an attempt to find the perfect balance between Ayurveda, Yoga, experiences and delicious vegetarian cuisine. While Ashtangam happens on fixed dates, we are always happy to take a leaf from it to enhance your customized rejuvenation stay with us.


Neelambari offers an ideal setting for rejuvenation of mind and body through Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. Neelambari has two dedicated spaces for Yoga practice - an indoor Yoga hall and an outdoor Yoga space by our traditional pond amidst lush greenery. The beautiful countryside around Neelambari offers an amenable setting to turn one’s mind inward, and attain a harmonious unification of mind and body, which is what Yoga symbolifies. We frequently host Yoga groups looking for an ideal location, Such groups are usually accompanied by their own Yoga instructors. We also have highly committed and experienced Yoga instructors in house should you be looking for private Yoga lessons to enhance your physical and mental well being.


With its serene rural surroundings and peaceful environment, Neelambari is ideally suited for rejuvenation through Ayurveda. Our beautiful Ayurveda space done in the shape of a traditional Kerala boat is pleasing to the eye and the mind. The two well appointed treatment rooms here are well equipped for different Ayurveda procedures. In our pursuit to provide authentic Ayurveda care for our guests, we have collaborated with expert practitioners who are passionate about this ancient science. Some of the Ayurveda therapies we offer at Neelambari for our guests include:

Abhyangam Abhyangam (massage) is the most common and accessible Ayurveda procedure. It is used as a treatment by itself or as a preparatory procedure for another major procedure like Sekam. An appropriately prepared medicated oil is the most commonly used medicine for Abhyangam. Unlike other treatments, Abhyangam usually does not have contraindications and can be beneficial to most patients at most times.
Dhara / Sekam / Pizhichil Pouring of medicated liquid (oil, milk, butter milk etc) at like warm to bearably hot temperature locally or over a larger area of the body. When applied to head it is called Shirodhara. Dhara is typically used as an intensive therapy for rejuvenation of a ailing area. Shirodhara is used as an effective treatment for several maladies. Dhara is an intensive treatment and should be strictly accompanied with proper rest and diet.
Nasyam Nasyam is a relatively simple but effective treatment for may ailments. Medicated oil is poured through the nostrils. While administration of the treatment is relatively simple and quick, it calls for diligence before and after the procedure to ensure safe and effective outcome.
Kizhi / Pinda Sveda Vidhi Kizhi is a procedure of applying local heat to ailing area of the body. It is usually performed by application of medicine in a cotton pouch to the affected area. Both dry and wet kizhis can be applied depending on the constitution of the patient. It can bring multiple benefits like relief from pain, discomfort and rejuvenating a weakened area of the body.
Panchakarma Panchakarma is a combination of five methods for extensive detoxification of one’s body. Despite its apparent ubiquity, Panchakarma is an intensive treatment that requires significant expertise. The full course of Panchakarma treatment would run into five months or more and at least fourteen days are needed to complete even one of the five detox procedures. Strict adherence to Pathya (diet) and Niyama (routine) is needed for any Panchakarma treatment.

Special Treatments

In addition to the rejuvenation and detoxification treatments above, our panel of doctors offer the following specialized treatments and cares for our guests.

Pre conceptional care (Garbha samskara) - a process or rather a procedure done in both male and female partners to get rid of the toxins sedimented inside the body and improve the quality of Sperms and Ovum thus bringing out a healthy progeny

Post delivery Care (Soothika Paricharya) - These are the traditional customary ayurvedic procedures done after delivery to provide strength and nourishment to the mother. These procedures can improve the maternal health and also the quality of breast milk produced. Combined with this, we also offer Ayurveda Cosmetology that has gained a lot of acceptance and attention worldwide due its the natural methods to get rid of the blemishes, pimples etc.

Have specific questions? Need additional information? Please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an online consultation / discussion with one of our doctors.



Sreeni and Meera made our stay at Neelambari feel more like visiting close relatives than staying at a resort. They made every effort to make us feel welcomed, comfortable and happy. Sreeni was very kind to take us on multiple occasions to the local music and dance festival with him aswell as organising day trips around the area to keep us entertained and excited. Meera spoilt us rotten with a desgistation of delicious local dishes for every meal! We were there for 7 days and not one meal was a repeat from the other and much of the produce was grown on the property or region. She even gave us a cooking lesson so hopefully we can recreate some of the meals at home. The resort itself is a work of art, literally! It feels like it has been part of the landscape for centuries. That being said the accommodation was luxurious and has all the comforts and percs you would expect from a 5 star resort. We had booked in for daily yoga and Ayurveda treatment, our Yogi and and Dr were really great and our daily routine left us invigorated and relaxed. I would stay at Neelambari again in a heartbeat.