At Neelambari, we have reproduced the classic architecture of Kerala in all its richness

Responsible Tourism

Responsibility to our community was not an afterthought for us that we assumed would look good on our website and presentations. It is part of our ethos. Neelambari was not an answer to our quest for profitable investment. It was an idea that came up when we were pondering what we could do meaningfully in our village.

Arattupuzha is on the lee side of Kerala’s established (?) tourism network. The promoters had no background in this industry. We were advised caution and reconsideration by most knowledgeable veterans when we talked to them. Our village community however provided us with a lot of encouragement and support. We do not treat the advise for caution with disdain. Rather it has made us more vigilant, more perseverant - to vindicate the encouragement we received from our community.

When Neelambari took off, our village community became an integral stakeholder in our concern. And as long as we are, it would continue to be so. For us, a wonderful journey has just begun.

If you are interested in the specifics of how we have engaged our community and how we have received their unstinting support, please write directly to our Managing Partner (