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Neelambari Ecotourism

Our Team and Our Story

My name is Sreeni. I started Neelambari in 2017. Though Neelambari is my brainchild, I owe significantly to inspiration and unstinting support from my friends in the creation of Neelambari. After graduating from IIT-Kanpur as a Mechanical Engineer, I worked in the corporate sector for seventeen years. During this time I had occasion to travel widely around the world. The more I travelled, the more I became aware of the rich cultural treasures in and around my village that I used to take for granted during my growing up years. Having reached middle age in my life, I was considering the possibility of leaving the corporate world and doing something meaningful for my community. Neelambari came up as an idea and soon became a reality with unwavering support and encouragement from my friends - Chandrasekhar (Sekharettan), Tito, Vinoj, Saji, Sony and Mohan.

Though I conceived Neelambari and was primarily responsible for building it, my wife Meera has played a much more important role in its evolution and success once we started receiving guests from September 2017. Neelambari today is loved by our guests for its familial warmth, great food and authentic experiences. Meera and our wonderful team comprising Saju, Viku, Savithri and other women from our village have made this possible. All of us have known each other from childhood and bond together as one large family. Time and again, our guests have remarked that Neelambari combines the warmth of a homestay with the space and comforts of an upscale resort. The warmth is a natural extension of the bonding we share within our team.

Less than one year from our opening, we were deluged by the terrible Kerala floods of 2018. We picked ourselves up and kept going before the Covid pandemic struck us in early 2020. The floods and the pandemic caused severe damage, but did not dampen our spirits or interrupt our journey. Neelambari has grown, bloomed, thrived and succeeded in its journey so far. And we owe it completely to the resilience and resourcefulness of our wonderful team.



Sreeni and Meera made our stay at Neelambari feel more like visiting close relatives than staying at a resort. They made every effort to make us feel welcomed, comfortable and happy. Sreeni was very kind to take us on multiple occasions to the local music and dance festival with him aswell as organising day trips around the area to keep us entertained and excited. Meera spoilt us rotten with a desgistation of delicious local dishes for every meal! We were there for 7 days and not one meal was a repeat from the other and much of the produce was grown on the property or region. She even gave us a cooking lesson so hopefully we can recreate some of the meals at home. The resort itself is a work of art, literally! It feels like it has been part of the landscape for centuries. That being said the accommodation was luxurious and has all the comforts and percs you would expect from a 5 star resort. We had booked in for daily yoga and Ayurveda treatment, our Yogi and and Dr were really great and our daily routine left us invigorated and relaxed. I would stay at Neelambari again in a heartbeat.