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Neelambari Ecotourism

Weddings in Neelambari

Neelambari is an ideal venue for destination weddings. Spread over a three acre compound, Neelambari has beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces suitable for weddings of up to 500 guests. Our buildings that evoke the rich traditional architecture of Kerala, the beautiful greenery in our spacious lawns and the verdant Kerala countryside all around us come together to create the perfect setting for the most beautiful moments in your life. Our spaces are used in three different ways by our guests who host their memorable life events in Neelambari.

Koothambalam for intimate weddings and events

Neelambari’s Koothambalam (traditional temple theatre) is an ideal venue for traditional and ethnic functions. The traditional Kerala architecture, the exquisite woodwork and enchanting paintings make this space ideal for your dream function. The theatre can comfortably seat 100+ guests. The Nalukettu (courtyard space) that is an annexe to the theatre is ideal for serving food either in a formal sadya style or as an informal buffet

This space is often used for intimate weddings as well as engagements, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and other special occasions. For larger weddings, this space is also an ideal setting for informal pre-wedding events like Sangeeth and Mehndi. The beautiful lawn and garden outside the Koothambalam adds to the charm of the space and also serves as an evening party space for about 150 guests.

Jaalam for traditional weddings and receptions

At the other end of Neelambari we have the dedicated event space named Jaalam with its independent entrance and parking space. Jaalam is an ideal indoor and outdoor space for weddings and receptions with up to 500 guests. The weather proof yet garden style wedding hall is a beautiful nature friendly setting for day events. The outdoor dining garden with an open to the sky stage by the traditional pond is a beautiful setting for evening receptions. The green paddy fields to its front, the traditional pond in its midst, the charming park and play area by its side and lush greenery all around all add to the appeal of Jaalam as an extraordinary space for memorable events.

Neelambari as a whole for destination weddings

While we often host stand alone events in our Koothambalam and Jaalam spaces, Neelambari is more commonly used as the perfect setting for destination weddings that span two or three days. The serene rural setting with plenty of space and privacy makes it a great choice for families and friends to unwind. The charming indoor and outdoor spaces in Neelambari enable our guests to use different settings for each of their events. For example, the Mehndi is set in the beautiful Koothambalam while the evening Sangeeth and wedding eve party is celebrated in the lawns. Jaalam is used for the main wedding ceremony while the outdoor space by the pond is the perfect spot for the evening reception party. The size and nature of Neelambari means that it can be booked exclusively for such events, enhancing the appeal many fold for hosts and guests alike.



Sreeni and Meera made our stay at Neelambari feel more like visiting close relatives than staying at a resort. They made every effort to make us feel welcomed, comfortable and happy. Sreeni was very kind to take us on multiple occasions to the local music and dance festival with him aswell as organising day trips around the area to keep us entertained and excited. Meera spoilt us rotten with a desgistation of delicious local dishes for every meal! We were there for 7 days and not one meal was a repeat from the other and much of the produce was grown on the property or region. She even gave us a cooking lesson so hopefully we can recreate some of the meals at home. The resort itself is a work of art, literally! It feels like it has been part of the landscape for centuries. That being said the accommodation was luxurious and has all the comforts and percs you would expect from a 5 star resort. We had booked in for daily yoga and Ayurveda treatment, our Yogi and and Dr were really great and our daily routine left us invigorated and relaxed. I would stay at Neelambari again in a heartbeat.