Neelambari 2-3 Days Experiences
A deeper exploration of our classical art forms

Neelambari 2-3 Days Experiences

Located just 42 kms (less than an hours drive) from Cochin International Airport, Neelambari is an ideal first or last stop for guests moving through Cochin Airport. Situated 12 kms from Thrissur City and 6 kms from Kochi - Salem Highway, Neelambari is also an ideal stopover for guests during their movement between North and South Kerala.

Neelambari stands out for its beautiful architecture and setting, outstanding cuisine and hospitality and authentic experiences it can provide. We have unique strengths in Yoga and Ayurveda, cultural experiences and temple festivals. We are also a great leisure destination offering diverse experiences spanning 2-3 days. This would be ideal for the regular leisuretraveller visiting the state looking for authentic experiences and engaging interactions.

A typical 2-3 days experiential stay at Neelambari would be as follows:

Day - 1
Facility Introduction
Duration: Approx 1 hour
Check in to Neelambari. After welcome drinks and settling down, we will offer a walk through introduction to the facility. Key attractions are our Koothambalam (traditional theater), series of beautiful murals based on the 13th century poem Gita Govindam, ethnic area, Ayurveda Garden and spa etc.
River cruise
Duration: Approx 1 hour
Go for a beautiful sunset cruise in the serene Karuvannur Puzha. Verdant landscape, local vegetation and village life as seen from the river offer an engaging experience for the guests
Day - 2
Nature walk
Duration: Approx 1 hour
A guided nature walk through the beautiful countryside around Neelambari is a great way to start the morning. Farms, orchards, riverside and padd fields all come together to present a charming panorama of the Kerala countryside.
Cookery session followed by traditional lunch Mangrove boating and bird watching
Duration: Approx 4 hours
After breakfast, guests can relax for a while. For lunch we would offer a traditional Kerala meal (Sadya) set in plantain leaf. With prior intimation, we can also arrange a cooking session for the guests where they can join and learn to cook one or two traditional Kerala dishes. In the afternoon, we will take a short drive to backwaters near Chettuva. Guests will go on a country boat for a beautiful sunset cruise into the mangroves. As the sun sets, thousands of birds will flock into the mangroves offering an unforgettably magnificent experience.
Day - 3
Ayurveda Museum visit
Duration: Approx 3 hours
Ayurveda Museum is one of its kind facility in Neelambari’s neighborhood. The museum offers a quick introduction to the history and methodologies of this ancient science. The facility is located in a beautiful setting and is a popular destination especially for guests interested in the rich legacy of Kerala.
Duration: Approx 2 hours
A quick and beautiful introduction to the rich cultural heritage of Kerala, by taking a closer look at one of its classical art forms. In Cholliyattam, the actor performs in minimal settings and to minimal accompaniment, though there is complete fidelity to the art form. The format is often more friendly as an introduction to the art form than a full fledged performance.
Thrissur City visit
Duration: 2 - 5 hours
Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, is a beautiful city. It holds several attractions for a visitor. The famous Siva temple in the center of the city is a major attraction. Swaraj Round, which circles the temple offers excellent shopping opportunities. Of the three museums, Sakthan Thampuran museum may interest visitors more. Dolours Basicila (or Puthen Palli) is a magnificent building and offers breathtaking views of the city from its tall tower.
Alternate experiences / additional options
Yoga Duration: 60 - 90 mts Yoga classes can be arranged for guests interested in the same. We have highly accomplished Yoga instructors who can provide an introductory, intermediate or advanced session on Yoga to guests, depending on their preference and practice history.
Duration: Approx 1 hour
Neelambari has two spas for Ayurvedic procedures - one indoor and one outdoor. We have tied up with Amba Ayurveda hospital to provide authentic Ayurveda treatment. Guests can indulge in a simple, relaxing oil massage to bespoke, advanced procedures depending on their requirements and health history.
Kalari visit
Duration: 2-3 hours
Neelambari is fortunate to have few outstanding performers and Gurus (teachers) in our neighborhood. All three classical art forms of Kerala, Koodiyattam, Kathakali and Mohiniattam, have great practitioners around us. We have been fortunate to take many of our guests to view classes in progress, interact with these Gurus and see performance of the senior students (who themselves are independent performers) in a very informal context. For guests interested in the culture of Kerala, this is an unforgettable experience. This can be arranged by taking prior appointment with the Gurus.
Bespoke performance
Duration: 2 - 4 hours
A full fledged cultural performance in the beautiful Koothambala of Neelambari is a highlight for any visitor to our facility. We can organize a variety of art forms to be performed - Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Mohiniattam, Thayampaka, Thiruvathirakali etc being some of them.
Local events
Duration: 2 - 4 hours
The temples, cultural institutions and special interest groups in and around Thrissur organize several high quality cultural events every year. Organized for connoisseurs and local population, these events are delightful attractions for any visitor to Neelambari. We encourage and facilitate our guests to enjoy these events as long as their schedule is amenable.
Kayaking / Cycling
Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Neelambari has kayaks and cycles for complementary use of our customers. The Karuvannurpuzha is a beautiful waterway and exploring it by a Kayak is an enjoyable outing for the young at heart. Neelambari also offers several beautiful cycling trails. The endless paddy fields offer a breathtaking cycling option especially close to the sunset.
Day tours There are several very engaging day tour destinations around Neelambari. Athirapally - Vazhachal, Chimmony reservoir and wildlife park, Snehatheeram and Nattika beaches are some of the more popular attractions. We arrange guided day trips for our guests who show interest.
Temple visits Duration: Depends on customer In and around Neelambari, there are several legendary temples with a history of several centuries. Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple, Thrissur Vadakkumnathan temple, Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple, Urakam Devi Temple, Triprayar Sreerama Temple, Irinjalakuda Koodalmanikyam Temple are all within a 10-12 km span from Neelambari. Arattupuha Sree Sastha temple in our immediate neighborhood is also an important pilgrimage temple. For guests of Indian origin, these temples can be a very important attraction. Others may not appreciate it much as presently all these temples do not allow non-Hindus in their premises.